Monday 3 October 2011

Drafting a Classic

By the way, count me among those who find the new Blogger in Draft interface to be a huge improvement over the old interface. The composing interface is clean and functional, with few distractions to typing away. It has the bonus of peripheral features and actions being visible at the periphery, ready when you need them but not with a busy interface distracting you away from the cursor. Previews open in a new tab (depending on your browser), with formatting applied properly (a huge improvement over the original). All in all, I really don't expect to have any problems of the scale of, say, the formatting catastrophe which I blogged about earlier.

The post settings such as keywords (called 'labels' here; many people know them as 'tags') are nicely done, with clean, usable interfaces that show exactly what's available and what you've done before you hit that big orange Publish button.

Nicely done, folks!

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