Wednesday 10 February 2010

Simple Changes Rarely Are

I want to say "thank you" to the anonymous commenter to my post, XHTML is (Nearly) Useless, who said "Paragraphs would be useful."

Google's Blogger software, by default, separates paragraphs by an "HTML break tag" (br); this preserves the visible separation as intended, but destroys the structural, semantic flow. I recently discovered this, found the feature to turn it off ("don't put "break" tags in unless I bloody tell you to!), and set it. I naively thought that this would apply only to new posts, and posts that had previously been saved in the old, "broken", format would stay as is.


I must now go back and hand-edit every post over the last nearly five years so that their paragraph flow is properly marked up. Since I do in fact have other demands on my time, this is not likely to be completed immediately; it is, however, a very high priority.

It's enough to make you seriously consider migrating to WordPress — which is apparently trivially easy.

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Fuss Ballikone said...

Greeat read thankyou