Tuesday 1 April 2014

Rails is Rails is NOT Rails. Oh, my aching head.

For a couple of decades, I was into Linux. One of the ways you could tell good distributions and (especially) good documentation for those distributions is that they were (usually) careful to make notes like

This is a new feature as of kernel 2.6, first introduced in QuuxLinux in Version 6.0.


That API changed in kernel 2.4 and again in kernel 3.0, first introduced in QuuxLinux in Versions 2.0 and 11.0 respectively.

Now I'm a Ruby and (pro tem) Rails developer, and all that is old is new again, and you don't always know it.

I just spent a day and a half of highly-energetic tail-chasing, working at getting my code and specs for (what is so far) a "toy" demo project to understand Rails routing when namespaces are introduced. Namespaces, which are (as far as I can tell) functionally equivalent to Ruby modules, let you provide an additional level of separation between different parts of your app. They're also practically essential for writing Ruby Gems of any complexity, which is a basic requirement for "Vendor Everything" — an important tool in structuring your apps for maintainability and reusability. So "supporting namespaces" was an essential, if not universally obvious, part of the exploration that I'd embarked upon.

As I write in the project README, I want to "namespace everything". I also write "no code in the absence of a failing spec", so obviously my specs need to work properly with namespaces. Believing in six impossible things before breakfast is trivial in comparison, if you've never done it before.

Well, how better to learn than with a demo project? And how better for my current and future employers to judge my progress and reasoning than by making such (non-proprietary) explorations in the full glare of public scrutiny and ridicule, à la GitHub?

After accomplishing this first tiny step of The Mission, I'm even more convinced than ever that part of what makes Rails development "interesting" is that there's such a mix of information about Rails 2.3, Rails 3.x and Rails 4 out in the wild, treated as though they are slight variations on a common theme, rather than three different products unified mainly by a shared product name.

For those who care, the initial plea for help was on Reddit's /r/ruby sub-Reddit. Initially I'd written up this Gist to document the files I was using and the output I was getting. After reading /u/Nitrodist's response, I made some changes, as reflected in this Gist. Finally, after further prodding from Nitrodist and others, and intensive BFI, I determined the two changes needed to my original code. Documented in this final Gist, and pulling together information from several sources referencing different versions of Rails, this *early step* in the exploration has been completed — with several times the expected effort.

Things have to get better, don't they? Only if you're not aware that Captain Edward A Murphy was a raving optimist.


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