Thursday 16 April 2009

OMFG, or Holy Deforestation, Batman!

As some of you know, I'm working on a book on Web development, using off-the-shelf tools (frameworks, template engines, JavaScript libraries, etc.) to leverage semantic, standards-compliant, accessible, search-friendly Websites. (That's more a matter of adjusting your development philosophy and workflow than anything else, but I digress). As part of that, I'e been doing a (reasonably) comprehensive review of PHP 5 application frameworks. You might have heard of ezComponents or CakePHP, but the 900-kg elephant in the room is definitely the Zend Framework. It ships with the Dojo JavaScript toolkit, but doesn't make it excessively difficult to mix and match others (Scriptaculous, Prototype, jQuery, etc.) if desired.

And here's another reason to call ZF the '900-kg elephant' — the programmer's reference guide (for version 1.7) weighs in at a <sarcasm>svelte</sarcasm> 1170 pages. Don't print this at home, folks. Better yet, just don't print it... either browse it online or download the PDF. Save a forest or six. For you old-timers, this will remind you quite a bit of US DOD Standard 2167A, "fondly" remembered as "documentation by the boxcar load".

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